Maranja Adventure Club – scavenger hunt in Berlin

Looking for a fun thing to do with friends on a weekend? Something that would get you out of the house? Maybe something a bit different than the usual grabbing a bite or a drink? I might have just the thing!

I was recently introduced to Maranja Adventure Club. It’s a concept similar to escape rooms – you need to find your way using different clues – but outdoors! Right in the very center of Berlin, near all the most recognizable places, like the Berliner Dom, Lustgarten, Unter den Linden, Bebelplatz, etc. The goal is to walk through the city, guided by the game, and find all the puzzle elements.

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I don’t wanna taco ’bout it…

Sent group email to Spanish speaking country teams. Reminding them to provide most important data so we can proceed with the project, especially pointing out the product list for guacamole, since it hasn’t been handed over since the very beginning. Meant Guatemala, didn’t notice the autocorrect until Mexican team sent me a recipe. Mexico may be my new favorites.