I don’t wanna taco ’bout it…

Sent group email to Spanish speaking country teams. Reminding them to provide most important data so we can proceed with the project, especially pointing out the product list for guacamole, since it hasn’t been handed over since the very beginning. Meant Guatemala, didn’t notice the autocorrect until Mexican team sent me a recipe. Mexico may be my new favorites.

The original prankster

Step 1. Receive expensive Scotch as a gift.

Step 2. Drink it over time.

Step 3. Keep the bottle.

Step 4. Buy cheap supermarket whiskey and pour it into the fancy bottle.

Step 5. Serve it at a friends’ gathering without saying a word.

Step 6. Sit back and enjoy your smug self as they all admire the flavor, praise the superb oak undertones or even a slight chocolate note, are delighted with its supposed smoothness and all agree that, although super expensive, it is worth its price.

Step 7 (optional). Giggle a little.

Ladies and gentlemen, my father.