Traditional Polish Easter food

What are some traditional Polish dishes eaten around Easter time? Find out what needs to appear on every Polish table.

Easter is a big thing in the Catholic church. Poland, being a predominantly Catholic country spends a lot of time preparing and celebrating this holiday. As a part of the festivities, families and friends gather around tables to bond over meals. The dishes that are prepared have changed and evolved over the years, following culinary trends and being influenced by cuisines from all over the world. There are however a few staples, that should not be missing on any Easter table. Continue reading “Traditional Polish Easter food”

How to make French macarons – workshop review

How to make French macarons? I tried at a workshop created by

A few months ago, I decided to be more open to new experiences, not to postpone things I want to do for no reason, and to say “Yes” to more things. So far I’m sticking to that resolution (even though it wasn’t a New Year’s one) and doing great stepping out of my comfort zone and learning new things.

I’ve recently taken part in a baking workshop organized by Travelogue. What is Travelogue? Continue reading “How to make French macarons – workshop review”

Take a walk in Porto

There are currently two places in the world, that some of my friends have already learnt not to mention when I’m around. For one reason – I will never stop talking about them! One of the mystery destinations, that completely stole my heart, is Porto in the north of Portugal. Our first randezvous took place back in 2013, when I moved to do a part of my master’s degree at the local university. At Faculdade de Letras at Universidade do Porto, to be exact.

Ecstatic about the travel possibility, new experiences, meeting new people and trying new food, I didn’t really know what’s waiting for me there. I’ve never been to Portugal before and at that time it wasn’t a hugely popular tourist destination. Thankfully, it was love at first sight! The cobblestoned narrow alleys, colorful houses, palm trees popping up here and there, proximity of the ocean, and friendly people, made me feel right at home. So much, that I have revisited Portugal several times, even returning to the place where it all began recently.  Spending a weekend in Porto again was a dream come true. What makes it so special? Let’s see!

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